Buck Rogers and Siri

An interesting thing happened at my house during a St. Patty’s day get together yesterday.

As you may or may not know, or care, my wife’s monthly book club, social gathering and cluck fest garners together this Friday. During this time, the old book club widowers gather at a dining establishment serving particular unhealthy fare. This is a point of a certain level of consternation amongst some of the book club members. But I digress.

Towards the end of each of these gentleman’s soirees we attempt at reaching decisions of rather seismic proportions, to wit: where shall we all get together to dine next month?

We always decide.

And we always forget. Write it down? Record it? Hah! I scoff.

During the week leading up to the gentlemen’s glut fest we submit electronic tender to each other in an attempt to formalize our meeting coordinates.

This week is some Thai joint.

So my buddy Alan decided to record and calendar this event on his Android. Only he hits a wrong button and, standing in our kitchen, Alan found himself talking into his phone and he was incredulous! The phone captured his comments as text in the calendar section of his phone.

He did it again and showed it to me. “Did you know this thing did that?” Wide eyed I confessed. I did not. All my finger fumbling is no longer necessary when I text. I can just speak it.

I have written about this type of thing in the past.

My first real exposure to this was with Skype. My cousin, who, at the time, lived and worked in Abu Dhabi, use to communicate free of charge courtesy of Skype. He did this regularly with his wife who remained state side. And there we were face to face, voice to voice, communicating as though we were sharing falafel’s across the table at our favorite Lebanese restaurant in Paterson, New Jersey.

And our grandsons think absolutely nothing of the fact that they can use Mom’s iPhone or Dad’s iPad and talk face to face with their grandparents. After all. What could possibly be more natural than using a hunk of silicon measuring roughly one eighth of an inch across to use as a video / audio communication device in order to discuss the quality of one’s cheerios and the fact that the porcelain commode is a more appropriate receptacle for one’s throw aways than a diaper?

I remain incredulous. You guys may take this all with the proverbial shrug. But I am actually breathless in our ability to apply these things as standards. And so, between Skype, Facetime and this voice recognition stuff I remain beyond incredulous.