Marty's Bon Mots

The Scotch Tape Store

By Martin Brounstein / July 22, 2014

Since the downsizing of the company, to which I was employed for a number of years, I have returned to the ignominious world of the lowly contractor. Yes. I am quite well paid. Yes. I am grateful for the privilege of being able to honestly provide for my family in an honorable manner. However. These…

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A Tea Party Comeuppance

By Martin Brounstein / May 27, 2014

I need to set the record straight. I am no fan of Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell. I cannot foresee any time in the near or distant future when I will ever become a fan of the right Honorable Republican Senator from the Bluegrass state. I suppose I hold nothing against him personally. But his…

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Old and In the Way

By Martin Brounstein / April 22, 2014

It should have been a wonderful time. It was Easter Sunday. My family, including grandsons and fiance had arrived and we all settled in for an afternoon of love and familiarity. But it did not turn out that way for me. I had run into the immobile wall of reality present and pending. I am…

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Legalizing Bribery

By Martin Brounstein / April 3, 2014

Perhaps it’s my slightly grayish state of mind. Then again, conceivably my overly sensitized political and personal sensibilities are currently working overtime. Regardless of the circumstances within which I find my craw grinding, I find myself miffed and more than slightly upset where it concerns yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling. Prior to yesterday’s ruling, an individual…

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Buck Rogers and Siri

By Martin Brounstein / March 17, 2014

An interesting thing happened at my house during a St. Patty’s day get together yesterday. As you may or may not know, or care, my wife’s monthly book club, social gathering and cluck fest garners together this Friday. During this time, the old book club widowers gather at a dining establishment serving particular unhealthy fare.…

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By Martin Brounstein / March 12, 2014

I know. I know. It’s part of the game. It’s part of the drill. It’s no big deal. It’s an administrative pain and just another reality. But. As you and your iced teas know, I have my high priority, big time, official, no-nonsense card key pass which, when not in use, resides comfortably in the…

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Hurt from Social Media

By Martin Brounstein / February 18, 2014

I did something incredibly stupid last week. Not that doing something stupid on a daily basis is something unusual for me. But this one has carried over and is weighing heavily upon me. Was I stupid? Absolutely. Am I upset? Yes. Why? Well. I’m certainly glad you asked. A friendly ex colleague of mine posted…

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Scrutiny and Embarrassement

By Martin Brounstein / January 27, 2014

By no means am I a prude. But there are those instances where I feel that the information I am about to disclose need not be disseminated to all who might surround me. You see, I am a consultant to the pharmaceutical industry. And prior to my inculcating myself within the good graces of these…

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Phil Everly’s Passing

By Martin Brounstein / January 6, 2014

I read of Phil Everly’s passing over the weekend. Most of the world might have looked upon this as yet another dip in the passing parade. However I and, I am sure, many othesr felt deeply sucker punched having received the news of this otherwise non seismic event. The mere mention of either Phil or…

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Disingenuous Sensitivity

By Martin Brounstein / December 6, 2013

I find it frankly odd and mostly disturbing that Republican male elected officials are banding together in the guise of sensitivity and inclusiveness when the actual issue is divisiveness and exclusivity. There I was. Minding my own business. Doing something good for myself. At our tiny gym within the facility where I am currently employed,…

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