Yet Another Senior Moment

Another senior moment.

I had a bit of minor stress commencing last Friday.

I have a new consulting situation where I have been provided with a fairly standard laptop computer. Last Friday evening, I brought the laptop home with me in order that I might execute experiments with the potential ability to log in while working from home … or not. My experiment proved unsuccessful There were two reasons for this. First of all, I could not get this machine to talk to my home WiFi. Still don’t understand that. Every computing device I drag into the house can do this. This one won’t. Even if it could, I could not log in because, for one reason or another, I was unable to locate my brand new usb “token”. A token is a security thingy that looks like a jump drive.

Anyway, up until last Thursday, I have always taken this token thing and put it in a little pocket within the case for the laptop. One of my experiments at home involved both using and not using the token as part of the login equation. But, after sufficient rummaging, I just could not find the token. I assumed it fell out someplace or I had placed it in a jacket or pants pocket or just left it at work on the desk, forgetting to place it in the laptop bag.

And with this in the mid point of my feeble mind I went to sleep resigned to be surprised when I would find the token Monday morning at my desk at work.

And this was my stress. What if I was not able to locate this thing? So I thought I’d give it a weekend. Force its appearance through the exertion of sheer will. Oh. This token is also needed to generate my electronic signature. This is actually a substantial part of my job.

And so Monday morning rolled around after a near splendid weekend. I say it was a near perfect weekend because, marring the landscape of redecorating the house, having the dining room floor refinished and visiting my daughter at her apartment where she’d prepared an Easter brunch that couldn’t be beat, lingered the 50/50 prospect of not being able to locate my errant token.

And after settling in at my desk that morning, various notepads and cables were pushed hither and thither. Desk drawers were opened and perused. All in the name of locating this tiny hunk of silicone.

After realizing this little device had vanished into the ether, I was resigned to look even more like a fool and just fess up and say I lost the thing.

I actually had to wait a day because our admin arrived Tuesday after having an unannounced extended weekend. But she had received my messages regarding the misplaced token and trudged bleary eyed to my desk in order to help me out.

As she patiently explained the necessary hoops needed to be jumped through, I decided to show her my laptop bag and demonstrate where I usually keep the token. As I fumbled around inside the thing, I suddenly realized that the inside pocket within the laptop bag has its own additional little inside pocket. And guess what? Guess where that token was? Oh, I see you’re way ahead of me. As it turned out, I had started the process of advising the necessary departments of my lackadaisical ways in order to retrieve the new numbers needed to be recompiled for the system to recognize, or in this case, re-recognize, the token.

And after the following of the bouncing ball and recompiling as necessary, I shoved the token in to the computer’s usb port, typed in the necessary codes and passwords and started the reinitialization process, and now everything is hunky dory.

But boy, was I embarrassed.

After she left, probably shaking her head over the vapidness of the old bald guy, I turned my attention to the good Lord above (actually it was more the false ceiling, but you get the idea) and I shook my finger scolding Him. “You like to screw with me, don’t you?”

He is much more complicated even than women. And I’ve long since given up trying to figure out that puzzle.

But I should talk. It’s getting to the point where I can’t find my own ass with both hands and a flashlight.