Marty Brounstein - Classical Guitar and Non-Denominational Weddings

Hi. My name is Marty Brounstein. My wife and I live in the northern New Jersey area. I’m happily married and have three lovely intelligent grown children, who are on their own. At the time of this writing, I am the extremely proud parent of five beautiful grandchildren. My interests include guitar, martial arts and writing. Born and raised in New York City, I’ve lived in California, North Carolina, England and, except for two years in beautiful Gardiner, New York, for the past 27 years, New Jersey.

I love the guitar. And it doesn’t matter whether I’m performing on guitar, teaching guitar or educating myself further on guitar. My wife is very patient with me, having accumulated nearly 40 of them.

After having officiated at my eldest daughter’s wedding, we discovered I have a natural aptitude and inclination towards officiating. It has been my pleasure to bring many happy couples together.

My latest book "Glad You Asked" is now available!

Glad You Asked

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