Let’s talk about the guitar. I’ve been playing guitar since I was five. From then until now I haven’t stopped. The guitar playing evolution went from folk to rock to jazz and to classical, which I’ve been playing primarily now since the mid 70s. I’ve performed on jingles and demos, weddings, private parties, restaurants, solo concerts and with various ensembles. Although the repertoire is pretty wide, ranging from Renaissance to ultra modern, the program is catered to the venue and situation. I’ve been teaching for decades and I have students who’ve been with me for years.



JS Bach - 1st Lute Suite in C minor - Gigue

I.Albeniz - Suite Espanola - Sevilla


Attempt at Romanza



The New York City Classical Guitar Society has placed me on their 'recommended instructor' list.
New York City Classical Guitar Society

John Heartfield

I'll be playing in the Morristown Memorial, Carol G. Simon Cancer Center every Friday morning.

I will be performing at Paradise Spa
College Plaza, Route 10 East
Randolph, NJ
On September 21st and 22nd at 10am - 2pm

Give me a call or write to me and we can talk about your guitar playing needs.

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