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And thank you for taking the time to visit this site.

Marty’s Guitar School is dedicated to one thing and one thing only. That is, to make you an even better guitar player.

I have been playing guitar for well over 60 years and have been teaching guitar for over 45 of them.

I started playing when the folk boom hit in the 1950s and, thanks to my parents, I was treated to both group and then regular private guitar lessons. But when the Beatles played on the Ed Sullivan Show, my imagination and guitar playing excitement catapulted to incalculable levels. This passion continued when, in the very early 1970s thanks to my trumpet playing brother, I developed a keen interest in jazz. At that time there was not a plethora of good jazz instructors, so my jazz guitar education revolved record collection and a substantial amount of my income was, therefore, poured into Tower Records on Sports Arena Boulevard in San Diego.

Over the years the emphasis of my guitar playing has revolved around classical guitar. However, my passion for good rock, jazz and bluegrass remains extremely high.

I have been fortunate to share my passion for guitar with students and a variety of audiences.

It is with this background that you and I can further this portion of life’s journey.

My best to you in love and music!


The New York City Classical Guitar Society has placed me on their 'recommended instructor' list.
New York City Classical Guitar Society


Adriene M.

I have enjoyed studying classical guitar with Marty as an adult student. I feel privileged to be able to learn from his lifetime of experience. His depth of knowledge allows for instruction to be tailored to my individual needs and abilities. His balanced approach to teaching means that while I am challenged to grow, I also experience a sense of accomplishment; this is often a difficult balance to strike and one that keeps me motivated and progressing. He is absolutely committed to giving you the best instruction. He is able to demonstrate/explain concepts several ways, which is helpful for me and enables him to engage many types of learners. I appreciate learning theory as this was not part of my prior music instruction and I feel the knowledge makes me a better musician. If you study with Marty you will quickly realize he is both proficient and passionate regarding music, music theory, guitar playing and teaching. He is well-versed in a variety of guitar styles and able to guide a range of students to reach their guitar-playing goals, from the serious career musician to those looking to learn for fun. Studying with Marty has been a terrific experience and I can, without hesitation, recommend him to anyone wanting to learn guitar.

- Adriene M.


G. Ralph Kuntz, MD, MS

In 2003, I decided to take guitar lessons. Against my better judgment, I opened the yellow pages and found an instructor not far from my home, not the best way to choose a music teacher. In this case, I hit the lottery. As it turns out, Marty Brounstein is an excellent guitar teacher.

While many people teach music to support their professional careers, Marty teaches because he loves music and loves teaching. Instead of using pre-written teaching materials, Marty selects (and writes) pieces specific to his students' capabilities and levels. I am often amazed at the work that Marty puts into preparing for each of my lessons.

During the time I have been learning guitar, I have changed genres and styles several times. When I approached Marty, I told him that I wanted to learn soft rock and jazz, but quickly changed to bluegrass. Marty created lessons for a beginner bluegrass player. I later bought an electric guitar and Marty taught me electric guitar flat pick techniques. After some time, I told Marty that I wanted to challenge myself with classical guitar and Marty found several Baroque and Romance pieces appropriate to my level. I am now learning some intermediate Renaissance pieces that I have found on the Internet, as well as some that Marty has chosen for me, at, or slightly above, my level.

I knew how to read music before I started taking lessons from Marty, but for those students who do not read music, and do not care to learn, Marty is accommodating and teaches them without requiring that they learn the theory behind their choices.

Marty charges VERY reasonable rates (I think he undersells himself, but don't tell him that I told you).

In addition to being a great instructor, Marty is a good human being. Over the years, we have become good friends and spend time discussing the latest books we've read and movies we've seen.

When Marty asked me to write a testimonial, my only hesitation was that I would not be able to find the words to do Marty justice. I can however, without hesitation, recommend Marty to anyone who wants to learn to play the guitar. You will become a better, and happier, player, as a result.

G. Ralph Kuntz, MD, MS


Dan Schlosser

Marty is not only an incredibly talent, but an equally incredible teacher. He obviously enjoys what he does which makes learning that much easier.

As a former trumpet player switching to guitar, I was coming from a different world of music.

Marty not only broke down this new learning process into something very tangible and comprehensive, but also filled in the gaps left by years of hasty practicing and poor instructors.

He caters his teaching style to each student and ensures that you learn how to play music instead of just repeating notes.

If given the opportunity I highly recommend working with Marty; your decision will be positively reinforced within your music.

-Dan Schlosser


Liam Wood

What Martin Brounstein brings to the table which you will not find with other Guitar Teachers is a life-time of guitar experience. As you begin working with Martin, it is absolutely clear that guitar is and has always been his passion. While he may be teaching you, he himself has never stopped being a student of the guitar and this provides him with a fundamental understanding of the learning experience. From the moment we started our lessons, I recognized a distinct difference from other “guitar teachers”—and I’ve experienced the gamut from one-on-one, do it yourself books, and even online—as he taught a blend of skills, musical knowledge, and music history. The result of this was a seamless development of basic skills along with an enriching musical-theory tutelage. What some students were grinding out in repetitive drills, I was learning psychologically effortlessly as I explored the new world of music to which guitar was my key. His exercises are hand-picked from decades of his own practice to ensure that you find yourself playing beautiful pieces even as you are just beginning to grapple with the complexities of the instrument. Equally fascinating are Martin’s stories of his continuing education, attending events such as The Guitar Master’s programs in New York where he both teaches and continues his own education. You’ll be hard pressed to find other guitar teachers who have learned from the likes of Segovia himself. Lastly but definitely not least, Martin is just a fascinating man—extremely intelligent, funny, and always interesting. If you are serious about learning the guitar, I can’t recommend Martin Brounstein enough (though I sure tried!).

-Liam Wood

Age 24



Dear Marty,

I can’t thank you enough for teaching me how to play the guitar. I remember as a child always wanting to play an instrument, especially the guitar, but never having anyone patient enough to teach a child that had absolutely no knowledge about music. I would have never thought that 40 years later I would be playing. I appreciate your patience and awesome ability to teach someone with no musical background. You’re truly a fantastic teacher! I think it’s the coolest thing ever hearing a song on the radio and now being able to play it. It goes beyond just knowing how to play; you taught me the theory of guitar and what it takes to be a musician. Your lessons were fun and every week you brought new challenges for me. I can’t stop playing and look forward to jamming daily. You truly have a gift! Your passion to teach and play is evident. Thanks again for your dedication, hard work, patience, and love for playing the guitar! I look forward to playing with you again.


Bob V.

I have been playing guitar for quite some time starting taking lessons from Marty about 8 months ago. He is a fine musician and an excellent teacher. I find his lessons to be constructive, practical and fun. He is very patient and makes musical concepts easy to understand. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to learn how to play guitar or is looking to advance their skills.

Bob V.