Marty's Bon Mots

An Alternate Route

By Martin Brounstein / October 23, 2015

And so for at least a while I have a fairly substantial commute. It isn’t the distance or the time involved with my commute I find so taxing. Rather, it’s the demands imposed upon my psyche which include stop and go traffic upon fairways that would otherwise lope along at about 70 miles per hour.…

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New Anti-Semitism

By Martin Brounstein / September 29, 2015

Our friend’s brother suddenly passed away. Sad. I didn’t know him well, although I knew of him. We met a few times. Seemed to be an okay guy. Played guitar a little. My wife did a favor for his daughter a while back involving formal dresses. But he died. A memorial service was held Sunday…

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Clown cars and the 14th Amendment

By Martin Brounstein / August 20, 2015

The pure logistics of repealing a Constitutional amendment is, at its best, daunting. According to Article V of the United States’ Constitution, you need 2/3 majority of both houses and ¾ ratification of the states. This has only been done once and it required another constitutional amendment. The temperance movement decried the evils of alcohol.…

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The Modern Meeting

By Martin Brounstein / August 19, 2015

I am an early riser. It is not unusual for me to wake around 4:30 to 5:00 am and either read, or practice on my silent guitar or irritate my current Congressmen over the internet. So it was of little concern to me when our European colleagues scheduled a teleconference at 7:00 am in the…

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The Speech Affectation

By Martin Brounstein / July 1, 2015

I recently somehow realized I had developed and maintained a speech affectation and I found it quite disturbing. It seemed whenever I vocalized a thought, I prefaced it with the conjunction “so.” In other words, “So, Harry. So How’s the prostate?” “So, what did your sister say, again?” “So, do you want to go for…

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The Spectator Sport

By Martin Brounstein / June 23, 2015

This entry first started as a description of the realization of my fostering a speech affectation. That will have to wait, I’m afraid. With yesterday’s announcement of having The Donald’s hat in the ring, I simply cannot resist the temptation of delving headlong into a description of the fun in store for us all. First,…

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The Bow Tie

By Martin Brounstein / June 9, 2015

An interesting sideline intersected with me this weekend. Many years back, perhaps you will remember this; you used to wear bow ties. So stricken was I with this bit of masculine, albeit class-ridden, attire that I beseached an indulgence upon you involving an instruction, or a set of instructions, as to how to effect this…

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Gungor’s Boxes and Wires

By Martin Brounstein / June 9, 2015

I am reminded of Mark Gungor. Mark Gungor is the pastor of the Celebration Church in Madison, Wisconsin. He has (or had) a series of seminars designed to assist married couples in a program he called, “Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage.” Whether or not you identify with this as a means, or adhere…

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Grandparenting Demystification

By Martin Brounstein / January 19, 2015

I sit here in reflection of my weekend and I recall an incident happening well over ten years ago involving my father, his daughter-in-law and the three grandchildren. During a business trip hiatus where my brother was out of the house, arrangements were made between our parents and my brother’s family to spend some time…

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By Martin Brounstein / July 30, 2014

On his first day of school David was unsure of his new surroundings. After all, he had just been moved from one foster care to another. From one town to the next. And now he had a new home in Illinois. Somehow this one felt different. Although not the ultimate in either luxury or even…

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